The Temple Bar Inn

List of exhibitors showing in The Temple Bar Inn

Artist Images
 Jacky Edwards –  Fused Glass Artist
The need to work creatively initially through drawing, print and ceramics has led Jacky through an interesting path into the joy of working with glass.
Based in the Golden Valley at Cwmbwlch Workshops she uses a combination of techniques – largely fused, slumped and draped glass.
The work has developed from a number of personal and environmental influences but it is often the colour, curves, shapes and contrasts within nature’s landscape that echo in the final pieces.
Work on sale over the festival weekend will be unique and made specifically for the event but commissions can also be taken for a special gift or event. Jacky also provides introductory workshops in glass that offer a lovely day in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.
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Pauline Ling – Artist Printmaker
Pauline’s lifelong love of design was fostered whilst studying at Bradford College of Art, one of her contemporaries there being David Hockney.
Originally focussing on Silk Screen Printing, she moved on to painting with oil, watercolour and more recently has worked with Lino Cut printing techniques.
Her inspiration is the natural world, specifically the beautiful surroundings of her Herefordshire farm and she takes delight in representing the changing colours of the seasons.PL 3
PL 1PL 2
Judith Lowery – Painter
I have been painting and drawing all my life. I grew up in the beautiful lower Wye Valley and can remember how even as a young child I was drawn to the natural world around me. I have always been fascinated by form and texture and whether working in two or three dimensions I incorporate such elements into my work.
I studied Craft to degree level (BA) and have worked with wood, metal, ceramics and textiles. For 30 years I enjoyed teaching Art to generations of young people, but in truth it is only in recent years that I have come to realise how my own creativity has evolved through many years of sharing my skills with others. I am now fortunate enough to be able to focus on the development of my own artistic expression.
My work is hugely inspired by my cycling journeys through the Welsh countryside. With farming such an essential part of the Welsh landscape I find myself drawn to small fragments of scenery reflecting the impact of agriculture on the natural world. An interesting stonewall, some old farming equipment or a gateway that draws the eye to what is beyond can all catch my attention. Sheep are a dominant element of so much of this landscape and much of my recent work reflected how I am frequently taken by glimpses of them through the hedgerows. Their expressions and behaviour as they suddenly catch sight of me amuses and fascinates me. It is the sense also of trying to represent the character of an animal or aspect of the landscape around me that appeals. The pace of my cycling allows an intimate interaction with the landscape around me, experiencing how that landscape may change according to the terrain I am travelling through.
For me, the physical act of producing a piece of Art is a central element of why I love to create. Art for me is not just about the aesthetic and visual but about the joy I experience from applying the media to the surface and feeling it with my hands. Drawing is an essential part of the creative process for me, allowing me to visualise and investigate my subjects in depth. In much of my work I apply the media in many layers developing texture and depth. From start to finish, from drawing to final painting, I am trying to capture the true essence of my subjects. This can be a slow and painstaking process but I find that this is what allows me to connect with the subject and hopefully bring out the true sense of what I am responding to.
JL 1JL 2JL 4
Ginnette Newman – Paper Cutting Artist
I was born in Hastings and first developed a love of art at school. Having missed the opportunity to further study art at college I later completed a foundation course in art and design at Bristol as a mature student often taking my young daughter along to classes with me. Motherhood then occupied my time until 4 years ago when I attended a 45 minute lesson at Art in Action on papercutting. I was instantly hooked but felt I could achieve more then cut out the word Home. Since that time I have been self taught and captivated by the intricacies of cutting paper with a scalpel.
“it has the ability to completely absorb and focus one’s mind, like a form of meditation”
I have previously exhibited in Hay-on-Wye and Cardiff and completed several commissions. I am planning on experimenting with bigger pieces and the shadows that can be created with more than one layer.
GN 2 papercut lion (2)GN 3 papercut tree (2)GN 1 papercut elehant
Sue Pallant – Painter
I was born on the small island of Trinidad and went to school in Barbados and, on reflection, think that my love of colour comes from my time there. Vibrant flowers, birds and plants, unbelievable sunrises and sunsets almost impossible to portray.
I have been interested in art since a school girl and went on to do a foundation course at the Eastbourne Art College. I wanted to go on to study fine art, but bowed to parental pressure to “learn something useful” and became a
 secretary.  I married, immigrated to South Africa and had children, but all the while kept my art going in some form or the other.  I was very lucky to have access to an excellent teacher and belong to a local group of artists who painted, inspired each other and exhibited together.  The light and energy in South Africa was rather special and, though I tried many subjects, always returned to painting flowers.
Almost all of my work in the UK has been inspired by the flowers grown in my garden.  This year I have added to my work, painting some of the South African flowers I so grew to love whilst there.  I experience great joy in interpreting my very colourful subjects with oil on to canvas. As you will see, my work is somewhat colourful but so are my subjects.
SP 1SP 4SP 3 King Protea 1
Mervyn Price – Metal Sculpture
My sculptures of animals, birds, flowers & figures are made in metal and then finished off with coat of lacquer.
I have lived in Ewyas Harold most of my life. I am married with four children.
I have worked in a local Blacksmith workshop for over 20 years. It is here, that through working with metal, the idea grew to try my hand at making sculptures. I am self-taught and it has been my hobby over the last few years.
Every sculpture is individual and based on either photos or pictures in wildlife books.
MP 1
MP 3MP 4